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Executive Board


Grad Night Chairperson -OPEN

Grad Night Co-Chair - OPEN

Secretary - Robbi Flores

Treasurer - Lisa Morris

Entertainment Chairperson - Heather Greene

Entertainment Co-Chair -Cecily Gates

Boxer Bingo Chairperson - Kathy Carson

Boxer Bingo Co-Chair -Alex Betts

Casino Chairperson -Sara Cramer

Casino Co-Chair - OPEN

Food Chairperson - Andrea Robinson

Food Co-Chair Melissa Delgleize

Candy Shack Chairperson - Tressy Snowdon

Candy Shack Co-Chair--Chamorra Flores

 Decorations/Construction Chairperson -OPEN

Decorations/Construction Co-Chair -OPEN

Prizes / Donations Chairperson - Kathleen McIntire

Prizes / Donations Co-Chair - OPEN

Baggage Chairperson - Maggie Torres

Baggage Co-Chairs -Marina Giraldes

Ticket Sales Chairperson - Karla Foster

Ticket Sales Chairperson - Becky Kirby

Volunteers Chairperson - Julie Moore

Volunteers Co-Chair -OPEN

Security Chairperson - Chris Rose

Security Co-Chair - Open

Fundraising Chairperson -OPEN

Mocktail Bar- Elissa Lontok

First Aid---Karen Rice

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Grad Night Meetings


The Executive Board & Committees hold their monthly meetings @ 7:00p in the Marina Cafeteria tentatively the 3rd Thursday of the month.

Dates/Times/Location subject to change.